Carpet Care Maintenance Plan

Your commercial carpet installation is a significant investment, both in monetary terms and overall facility image.  The need to implement a maintenance program from the beginning is very important.  A consistent and effective carpet maintenance program can maintain the initial facility image and dramatically extend the life of your monetary investment.  It is the goal of PureCare to assist you in preserving the original appearance of your commercial carpet.

PureCare Certified Technician will develop a customized Carpet Maintenance Plan catered to your facility.  The plan will be created around the buildings floor plan and the level of traffic in each area.  It will be based on a 12 month period addressing all carpeted areas for a deep cleaning, as well as, an interim maintenance cleaning.  A set scheduling rotation, specific to your facility and activities, will be fashioned to be non-intrusive and consistent.

Maintenance Plan and Schedules – Our customized comprehensive carpet care program consists of four elements:

  1. Routine Extraction – Scheduled frequency for removal of dry soil determined based on level of traffic is recommended monthly
  2.  Routine Spot and Spill Removal – using professional spot removal techniques
  3. Interim Maintenance Cleaning – scheduled frequency appearance cleaning for all traffic areas
  4. Deep Cleaning – Scheduled frequent deep cleaning to remove residues and trapped soils
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