At PureCare Carpet we live by the statement, “Not just the greenest, the Cleanest” and that’s why we live and breathe our core values every day, too.  These core values exemplify what it means to work with and for PureCare Carpet.

  • Our Family is Your Family

    If you know us, you'll know this is true. From our employees to our customers, creating a family environment is one of the most important parts of PureCare Carpet.

  • We Educate

    We believe that we should know our industry better than anyone and then pass that info along to our customers and employees. We have a never stop learning attitude and love to share the knowledge.

  • Process Driven, Detail Oriented

    Our best processes come from our best ideas. Those processes ensure quality of service every single time. That's our promise.

  • Put the Penny on the Ledge

    Putting the penny on the ledge means having the willingness to take risks, and learn from failure. We aren't scared of adversity and, in fact, we believe that change brings opportunity.

  • Customer Obsessed

    Being customer obsessed is a big deal. We communicate with transparency and honesty because we're always willing to go the extra mile for our customers.

The owner of PureCare Carpet, Cory Schlisner, has been installing and repairing carpet for over 26 years, however his family has been in this industry since the mid-60s. Their goal has always been to provide the highest quality of installation and carpet care. Initially Cory worked with his father, Bob Schlisner and brother, Chad Schlisner in Rugger Floor Service.

In 1999 Cory decided it was time to branch out and started his own business, Cory’s Custom Floors.

In 2001, Cory added the Host Dry Cleaning system to his list of services offered. He understood that dry dirt and debris are the main cause of breakdown in the carpet yarn fibers giving the dark shadowing effect in high traffic areas. The Host Dry Cleaning system is able to mitigate this and help his customers enjoy the “new” carpet look for a much longer time then traditional water extraction methods were providing.

In 2011 PureCare LLC was formed and employed two Host Certified Lead Technicians. As word of mouth spread, PureCare’s exemplary service and amazing results helped to increase business and we were able to add an additional part-time technician.

In 2013 Cory’s Custom Floors was combined with PureCare LLC. This created a complete comprehensive carpet care company offering a full suite of carpet services to include: Cleaning, Repair, Re-Stretch, and Installation.

The continued success from one generation to the next can be attributed to Schlisner family tradition, of providing the highest quality of carpet care.

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