No.  We take the stains with us when we leave.  When cleaning with water extraction, stains can return a day or two after cleaning.  This problem is called Wicking.  Wicking is caused when a spill, or soil is able to penetrate deep into the carpet.  Then, when the carpet is deep extracted with water, the deeply penetrated soil is not 100 percent removed.  After extracting, the carpet looks clean on the surface but as it dries and is walked on, the residual penetrated soil “wicks” its way to the surface of the carpet fibers, and suddenly appears a day or two after extracting.

The best way to avoid wicking is to use a DRY extracting system.  By using the Host Dry Cleaning System, the stain is transferred from the carpet fibers into our cleaner and goes with us when we leave.  With PureCare that will NOT happen.

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