Chem Dry uses a low-pressure applicator and a bubble solution that is carbonated – just like club soda.  The Chem-dry system uses 95% more water than PureCare’s Host dry carpet cleaning system.  Our Host system is a scrubbing and extraction process.  We do not use water pressure to clean carpet to avoid “wicking”.

The first step in our cleaning process is a dry extraction, “sweep before you scrub” method.  Our machines run on two counter rotating nylon bristled brushed with a high-power suction.  This is a technique called pile lifting.  It’s like taking a hand brush and a shop vac over your entire carpet.

Step two is to apply our cleaner.  Our Cleaner is a bio-based natural product that consists of ground-up sponges that have a mild, alcohol-based detergent that that helps break down stains. As the sponges dry, they adhere to the unwanted stains, debris, dust mites and mold allergens in the carpet.  After allowing the cleaner to dry for about 10-15 minutes, we extract it back out.

By the time we are finished with all four steps, we have gone over your carpet 6 times, leaving your carpet dry, fluffy and clean.

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